Troubleshooting Guide

I can't login.

We registered but did not receive our Welcome email with our username and password.

Each registration is reviewed prior to granting membership in MyAuditions. The review process can take up to 24-hrs depending upon the number of registrations in the queue. Once the site admin has reviewed the registration, the status of the account is determined and an email is automatically generated and sent to the email address of the user who registered the organization with the status of the registration.

We registered and declined receiving user admin rights. We forgot to invite a user admin to join through the Invite form after registration. What do we do?

Please contact us and include your name and organization you registered with. The site admin will reassign user admin rights to you. To reassign user admin rights, you will need to do the following:

We found an error message or bug. How do we report it?

We appreciate your support to minimize errors and enhance your experience. If you have found any software errors, you may submit them by selecting the Contact Support link on the general help guide or by selecting the Contact Us on the left nav bar of the main site. Please select "Experiencing Software Difficulties from the list and provide as much detail information as you can; the page where the error occurred, the steps to take to reproduce the error, et.