The services section provides our users with additional support services as well as information on the MyAuditions organization.

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If you find our services useful and would like to tell a friend about us, simply select this link, complete the form and your friend will be receive your message along with information on visiting MyAuditions.

Contact Us

If you have a question, please submit your query using this form. Additional support can be found under the MyAuditions Discussion Forums.

Email Services

Periodically, MyAuditions sends our community emails informing them of new features and services as well as relevant services and products offered by our sponsors. You may subscribe to be added to our distribution list or unsubscribe at any time to be removed


How do we advertise?

Select the Advertise link under the Services menu on the left nav bar. Submit your information and a business development representative will contact you to further discuss implementation of your campaign.

What are the services and rates available?

Information can be found by selecting the Rate Card link under the Advertise link.

How do we pay for these services?

Echeck or credit card via our online payment system with Paypal.


The general help guide provides our community with an overview on the services we provide. Additional support may be found under the MyAuditions Discussion Forums. If you are a registered corporate member, there are additional help guides available after you have logged in to your account.

About Us

Information regarding the MyAuditions organization may be found by selecting this link from the Services menu on the left nav bar.