MyAuditions provides invaluable services to enable our community to collaborate, inform, educate and support careers in the performing arts.

Career Services

MyAuditions Career Services provides cutting-edge performing arts career tools to both individual and corporate members.

Designed to manage all of your employment opportunities with one comprehensive online tool, Career Services provides you with desktop packages that can help deliver more jobs faster and easier than ever before with direct access to the most desirable opportunities.

With Career Services you can:
Create a customized profile and multiple resumes online.
Receive the latest jobs the moment they are posted with email alerts.
Let employers come to you with resume matching technology.
Track all the jobs you applied to or were invited to by the employer.
Keep confidential allowing you to be contacted without revealing your personal information, present job or references.
Discreetly look for a job by blocking companies currently registered with MyAuditions from viewing your resume.

Increase productivity, streamline your hiring process, reduce overhead administrative costs, lower your cost per hire, and improve the quality of applying candidates with Career Services.

Designed to manage all of your recruiting needs with one comprehensive online tool, Career Services provides employers with desktop packages that deliver more resumes faster and easier than ever before and will help make managing the candidate sourcing process easier.

Receive resumes with complete history tracking of both applied and invited candidates.
Reduce your time to hire with filtering technology to help sort out less qualified responses.
Email alerts of resumes submitted to your posted vacancies.
Create, customize and save resume alerts of matching resumes.
Automatic resume matching email notifications that meet your predefined criteria.
Complete tracking of invited and applied candidates including status reports (accepted, declined, pending).
Post, edit, update, activate, save or delete job vacancies.
Automatic job alert renewal notices.
Page view stats of job posts.


Have an announcement to make? Looking to offer your products and services? Selling an instrument?

Edit your ad at any time with updates appearing instantly.
Include up to 5 photos with your ad.
Determine how you want to be contacted with public or private messaging.
If your ad matches members who have set up ad alerts, we automatically notify them.
Your classified ad can be bookmarked and saved by members.
International exposure with ad traffic stats.


Vacancies is divided into three designations, performance, education and arts administration. Select a designation to begin your search. Each search engine has been designed specifically for that designation.

Select your search parameters and hit go.
Results will be displayed. Select a link to view relevant information specific a vacancy.

Guest Artists

View and access profiles of performing arts professional.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums allows our community to come together to communicate, collaborate, share tips, advice and support careers in the performing arts.