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Thank you for your interest in our Guest Artist Services. Our guest artists are professional recording artists, concert soloists, accomplished orchestral musicians, and ensemble musicians.

Our users are eager for a community that supports their career development in the performing arts. They want interact with professional artists, to share their thoughts, communicate with other like-minded individuals, and receive career advice and counseling.

MyAuditions allows people with common interests to communicate and collaborate with each other, acting as participants, rather than observers.

Our Audience
MyAuditions touches every point in an aspiring artists career -- from choosing their first teacher, selecting the right college or conservatory, supporting them with career enhancement tools in preparation for auditioning with professional ensembles.

Supporting the lifecycle of the aspiring artists careers are the schools, orchestras, chamber ensembles, professional organizations, musician's unions, and ancillary services (suppliers, instrument accessories) and most importantly, established professional performing artists wishing to support their career goals.

Managing your Account
MyAuditions provides you with all the tools to manage your account. Through the account console, you can...

  • Edit your personal profile.
  • Manage your personal profile. Edit and update information as desired. Your personal information (email, telephone, address) can remain confidential or public, whichever you prefer.
  • Edit your security settings and change your password often to prevent unauthorized access.
  • View statistics and track the number of page views your profile receives.

Membership Advantages

  • Build Awareness. Create Desire. Facilitate Interaction.
    • Promote your career.
    • Impact the development and artistic growth of aspiring artists unrestricted by geographical boundaries.
    • Share your knowledge and expertise with artists worldwide at every stage of their career development.
    • Strengthen individual relationships with aspiring artists, current and prospective students, fellow colleagues and fans in a safe and secure environment where your  confidentiality is safeguarded.
    • Publicize and promote your concert engagements, personal appearances, master classes, and latest recordings to members.
    • Manage your artist profile information which includes a biography, list of teachers and more.
    • Compliment your existing Web site, if available.


Note: Registration for Guest Artist Services is limited to professional performing artists. Registrations are pre-screened and must meet certain criteria for acceptance.

Membership Privileges
Increased Exposure

Receive prominent exposure through Guest Artist services. Enrollment provides you with the opportunity to be nominated for the featured artist of the month designation on the homepage.

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Account Console

The account console enables you to manage your account directly to post your profile, bio, upcoming concert appearances and more.

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View our forums. Add users to your personal address book, post a message or start a private chat.
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Search thousands of performing arts programs at universities, colleges, conservatories, and more.

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Search for performance, arts administration or educational vacancies.

Promote and publicize MyAuditions to your friends and colleagues.

If you already have a Web site, MyAuditions can...
augment your existing Web site.
be used as a vehicle to further promote your career.
provide additional tools to aspiring artists and fans.

Guest Artist membership is complimentary.

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